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Have you ever wanted to be able to self-assess and self-identify the state of your mental health in real time?

Now use the world’s first FDA-cleared, mobile gamified neurological assessment tool supporting mental health and resilience. Test anywhere, anytime. Simple and intuitive mobile apps using gamification and advanced algorithms. Used in 29 countries.

TIER 1: EQ Resilience

Uses a simple color scoring system to help you learn objectively “how you feel” and “how you are” so that you can develop an ongoing level of well-being and resilience.

Receive as a gift for a $5 donation.

TIER 2: EQ Active

Establishes your brain performance and allows you to self-identify when there are any negative changes so you can seek assistance to ensure optimal brain health. Fun gamified format.

Receive as a gift for a $20 donation.



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Deployed on security-compliant, cloud-based technology – fully HIPAA compliant. Cleared in the United States (FDA), European Union (CE Marking), Canada and Oceania.