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PIWI stands for People Interacting With Intent. PIWI is an emotional Al mental wellbeing chatbot. Named after Paulette Wright, the late sister of Never Alone co-founder, Gabriella Wright, who inspired The Chopra Foundation and NeverAlone team to create a movement for suicide awareness and mental wellbeing. PIWI is available 24/7 via text or messenger on the website or facebook page and has the ability to connect you with mental hygiene tools and mental health counselors across 50 states.

Conversations with Piwi are subject to preprogrammed filters that indicate if the person calling in is at highest risk. Within ten seconds the call is transferred to a live counselor who takes over the conversation via chat, or gives the person in need a phone call. During this call the counselor makes sure the suicidal crisis is averted. Follow-up touch points ensure the person who was in crisis will get connected to the right resources to improve their situation.

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